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5 Main Reasons Why RPMG Los Angeles is the Best Choice for Fertility Treatment in the Los Angeles Area

1. Top Team of Top Fertility Doctors in Los Angeles

You will be in the hands of world-renown, award-winning team of fertility doctors, who are using the best, cutting-edge fertility treatment available today. Dr. Yee, Dr. Huang and Dr. Ambartsumyan have well over 50 years of collective experience in successful fertility assessment and treatment.

2. Unmatched Success in Fertility Treatment

Since 1986, the success of this Los Angeles fertility clinic has been measured by the thousands of miracles that have been created here. Our fertility success rates have been consistently among the highest in the US, which makes this fertility clinic one of the top fertility centers in the Los Angeles area.

3. Exceptional Patient Care

When you choose us as your partner in fertility, you become part of our family. There is a simplified process for your first visit, attractive financial programs, and customized treatment plans to meet your individual needs. Our highly trained fertility team is dedicated to your well-being on your path to parenthood. Many patients stay connected with our fertility clinic long after their journey via Facebook, Twitter or our Fertility Forums.

4. Accommodating Financial Options

Qualifying patients can take advantage of the attractive Success Program, that offers a free third IVF cycle if a couple has not succeeded in the first two.

5. State-of-the-Art Facility and Equipment

RPMG Los Angeles maintains an ultramodern facility in Redondo Beach, equipped with the best instrumentation available today. All equipment is checked daily and are monitored under the most stringent quality control measurements for the greatest accuracy and possibility for success. This Los Angeles fertility clinic serves as the main IVF laboratory facility for the Los Angeles area, attracting patients from other counties who travel to this clinic for their IVF embryo transfers.